Tuesday, September 12, 2006

pork and vegetable salad

blanched pork and vegetable salad!!

A popular dish on my table during the hot and humid summer days. Very easy to make and healthy too. Here's how ....

* prepare a bowl of water and put plenty of ice cubes to it. set aside.
* boil enough water , add a pinch of salt.
* put the thinly sliced pork on the boiling water and as soon as the meat changes color,
take it out.
* put the meat on the very cold water , leave for about a minute .
* prepare your favorite salad vegetables , I used lettuce , cucumber , tomatoes and " kaiware"
or white radish sprouts. Of course you can use any . Arrange it on a platter.
* pat dry the now cold meat and put it on top of the vegetables.

For dressing...

There are special dressings for this recipe ...soy sauce based or sesame paste based that you can find at your local japanese grocer.

Or else why dont you experiment ...try adding soy sauce to your italian dressing.


Anonymous maiylah said...

first time i've read something like this..it would be great to experiment! :)
gand ng shot!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous ate cha said...

thanks maiyalh,

bagay itong dish sa atin, pampalamig!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a genious! thanks for showing these great recipes. I hope you make more. =)

9:47 AM  

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