Friday, December 01, 2006

rice in squid ( obento )

First of all , I'm so sorry for not updating always ! Had lots to do lately .

This is another of my obento masterpieces ...hahahah ! I had this idea from a popular obento that is sold on the train stations. This is my own version .

You will need ....

* 1 big squid
* 1 cup of cooked rice
* oyster sauce ( 2 tbsp.)
* onion ( half , diced )
* salt and pepper
* butter
* olive oil ( regular cooking oil is ok too )

Here's how....

1. Wash the squid thoroughly, remove the innards . set aside the the arms ...( don't know what its called, sorry )

2. Pat dry, set aside. Slice the feet or arms into very small pieces.

3. In a skillet, heat a small amount of oil. Saute the onions and the squid. When cooked, add the rice.

4. Pour the oyster sauce. Salt and pepper to taste . Set aside to cool.

5. Squeeze the fried rice inside the squid. Don't overfill . Close the opening with a toothpick.

6. In a clean skillet , put enough butter and cook the squid. Turn the squid so all sides will be evenly cooked. Drizzle salt and pepper.

7. Slice and serve .

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