Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lunch yesterday

After having fun at work yesterday's morning, I didnt have energy to cook myself lunch anymore and so I ate at my 2nd favourite fastfood chain...mos burger. Had this mustard chicken burger and veggie salad. Instead of plain mayonnaise , or coleslaw like other shops, they added burdock root and lotus which have lots of dietary fiber. Healthy,huh. They have too or else they will loose costumers. Young people have started being health conscious here...
me?......, Im trying !!

Monday, May 15, 2006

baby scallops

Small scallops stir-fried in salad oil and butter. Added onions and green pimiento and seasoned with salt and pepper plus a dash of soy sauce because it adds a nice odor to food. Another experiment that happened in my small kitchen. Try it, you might like it!

Friday, May 12, 2006

mabodofu マボ豆腐


One of my favorite dishes and also one I've mastered cooking. Very easy and so tasty!! I use the spicy mabodofu paste but I still add more chili to it coz I like it hot! A chinese recipe originally but I dont know what its called in chinese. Very popular among japanese people coz its easy to cook at home.

* saute chopped chili, ginger, leeks , garlic until aromatic.
* add ground meat ( pork is best but maybe you can try beef)
* saute until meat becomes brown then add chopped mushrooms ( shiitake )
chopped carrots and add 1 cup of water
* pour the mabodofu paste ( can be found at your local asian grocer )
* simmer for a few minutes, then lastly add tofu that is cut into squares ( bean curd), use the
firm kind
* cover and cook for 3~5 minutes. Dont stir too much!

I usually cook this when Im in a hurry or if Im a little lazy to make extravagant meal. Served with hot rice and some vegetables and you have a treat!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

one plate dinner

one plate dinner

Dinner I had last time we went to the biggest mall here in Akita City. Its grilled chicken with gravy and omorice. ( Japanese term for fried rice wrapped in fluffy omelette.) It was ok, though I admit I sprinkled lots of salt to add flavor. My husband said it was ok, so maybe something was wrong with my taste buds that time.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

" oyako don 親子丼 "

Oyako means parent and child. Don is short for donburi which is a big bowl so if translated oyako don would be " parent and child in a bowl. " Funny name ,huh but its logical since this dish is made up of chicken and eggs.

Here's how to make it .

ingredients for 2 :

* chicken 150 grms. , cut into bite pieces
* nori ( toasted laver) can be found on asian grocery store
* onions , 1 whole sliced
* soy sause ( 1/4 cup )
* sake ( japanese cooking wine ) ( 1/4 cup)
* mirin ( sweet cooking sauce ) (1/4 cup )
sugar can be used if you dont have mirin ( 2 tbsp.)
* shiitake mushrooms
* water ( 1 cup )
* 4 eggs beaten

1. I always use chicken breasts since they are a lot cheaper. Wash and cut into bite pieces.
2. Slice the mushrooms ( you can experiment with other kinds but shiitake is best) and onions.
3. Put mushrooms and onions on a pot, add the chicken and put all the rest of the ingredients except the nori.
4. Cook in medium heat until chicken is tender.
5. Taste it .
6. Add the beaten eggs to the pot and cover immediately, cook in low heat for 2 ~3 minutes.
7. Stir a few times just to blend the chicken and eggs and you're done.
8. Put rice on a bowl, top it with the oyako and put sliced nori on top. Some prefer top it with mitsuba ( honewort) but you can be creative.


My family could not convince me to volunteer in the kitchen. Although I love to eat, cooking was a no no to me. That was before I married. Now I found out that cooking can be really fun and satisfying especially if you have someone special to cook for. I started from scratch about 4 years ago. Now I can cook some without even consulting my recipe books.
This blog will be all about food. Not necessarily what I cook but also about savory food from the various restaurants I visit. I am also sharing this blog with " yorokobee" so watch out for us!

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