Saturday, May 06, 2006

" oyako don 親子丼 "

Oyako means parent and child. Don is short for donburi which is a big bowl so if translated oyako don would be " parent and child in a bowl. " Funny name ,huh but its logical since this dish is made up of chicken and eggs.

Here's how to make it .

ingredients for 2 :

* chicken 150 grms. , cut into bite pieces
* nori ( toasted laver) can be found on asian grocery store
* onions , 1 whole sliced
* soy sause ( 1/4 cup )
* sake ( japanese cooking wine ) ( 1/4 cup)
* mirin ( sweet cooking sauce ) (1/4 cup )
sugar can be used if you dont have mirin ( 2 tbsp.)
* shiitake mushrooms
* water ( 1 cup )
* 4 eggs beaten

1. I always use chicken breasts since they are a lot cheaper. Wash and cut into bite pieces.
2. Slice the mushrooms ( you can experiment with other kinds but shiitake is best) and onions.
3. Put mushrooms and onions on a pot, add the chicken and put all the rest of the ingredients except the nori.
4. Cook in medium heat until chicken is tender.
5. Taste it .
6. Add the beaten eggs to the pot and cover immediately, cook in low heat for 2 ~3 minutes.
7. Stir a few times just to blend the chicken and eggs and you're done.
8. Put rice on a bowl, top it with the oyako and put sliced nori on top. Some prefer top it with mitsuba ( honewort) but you can be creative.


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